Optical Character Recognition Technology (OCR)

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is the technology that identifies the printed text of image type, and convert them to digital characters. This technology has been widely applied in data entry from printed document such as invoice, business card, form, etc. It is also used to digitize and manage a great amount of paper documents, and make the them editable and searchable.

How does OCR works? When a picture is sent to the OCR engine, it will be split into smaller parts (lines, words and characters), the OCR SDK compares the images with a list of potential characters, and returns a list of words or characters and the position of them on the original image.

We developed specific OCR engines dedicated for special recognition:

OCR technology reduces the cost of processing documents and improves data entry efficiency: Document recognition

Document Recognition is a software which contains Optical Character Recognition, it enables user convert paper documents into a digital version. A lot of companies use this software to solve paper document management issues. It also brings the advantages of computer generated files, like search, data base archive, etc.

Banking Card Recognition

Banking Card Recognition, another OCR-based software, is designed for entering a large amount of bank card information, such as bank name, card number, card holder name and expiration date. It greatly improves the efficiency of bank cards data entries.

Business Card Reader

Business Card Reader is a contacts management software with OCR technology, it can extract information from business cards and then save to contact database. It saves much time on collecting contact information from a massive of business cards.