ScanCard - Business Card Reader

ScanCard is a professional business card scanning application, developed by Yunmai Technology. Its main feature is to scan the business cards you have, and use the built-in OCR engine to retrieve contacts info from those cards after scanning. You can choose to modify and save it to your contacts after the OCR engine finished its work.


One app, solve them all

ScanCard is able to help you solve the problems with entering, storing, searching, managing business cards. With the help of ScanCard, you will never need to worry about losing any business contacts, or spending lots of time just to find one card from a few hundreds.

Keep your contacts synchronized with the cloud at all times

With the sync function you are able to upload your latest contacts to the cloud, and it will allow you to access them on different mobile devices. Our duty is to make sure that you will never lose your valuable contacts.

Share your contacts through multiple channels

ScanCard allows you to share any contacts you want to different people through multiple channels, including: SMS, QR Code, e-mail and social networks.

Go digital go paperless

Within ScanCard, you are able to create your own business cards and share it to anyone through multiple ways. Moreover, by importing all your paper business cards into your mobile devices, you are now able to manage your business contacts in paperless way.